Jefferson Galt’s short phrases cover life-important topics. In this book, “The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt” are presented, one per page. There are 70 in this volume.

“Obviously, I have more than 70 thoughts,” says Jefferson Galt about the book, “but I wanted this little volume to be a bit like the small books of phrases you see by till in some bookshops. But “Thoughts” is being released in e-book format only.

The idea is to provide inspirational comments on love, life and other stuff.

“Some pages have a bit more writing but most have less than a dozen words,” says Galt. “It is true that, for the most important things we have to say that we need very few words. These are those words.”


If you could buy e-books at the checkout counter of a supermarket, this is what you’d find there.

There’s no paperback of this little book that’s just my inspirational thoughts that you can keep on your phone to when you need a bit of, well, inspiration. Hehe.

Buy through your local website using the product code B00R63H9Y4.

And if you don’t have Kindle, you can download the app free and even try Kindle Unlimited

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