It's early Monday morning and I am out of sorts.

I spent Sunday in a traffic jam. Why? Because I decided to do something that seemed like a good idea at the time.   I got up early to shoot into the city, get some shopping done before the crowds appeared, take a quick peek at a hotel I thought might be nice for Valentine's Day and a little bistro I had been recommended to, then to trot into a favourite jeweller (or two) and see if I could find a nice pendant, or something.

 That was the plan. But heavy snow and freezing temperatures made driving a nightmare. The autoroute was horrible. Then the Périphérique and lastly pretty much the whole of the centre of town there was door handle-to-door handle traffic.

 By the time I got anywhere near my first planned port of call, it was already 11:30. I was tired, fractious and really, really not in the mood to make romantic decisions.

 It's a shame: Paris is beautiful with a covering of snow and bright sunlight. Instead of making this trip alone, I should have brought Starfish. We could have walked by the Seine and through Mont Martre, some of our favourite haunts, and not bothered about trying to plan for next week. Then again, I couldn't have planned a surprise if I'd done that.
 Anyway, alone, irritated, trapped in the car, I stopped off (shouting to the stall holder through the car window) at one of the street markets off the Champs-Elysées , bought some ham and cheese that I could have bought more easily and more cheaply at the market in the town 10km from our village.  I bought bread by the same yell and deliver method and headed back into the traffic, knowing that, if the weather turned, as it went dark, fog would crowd in and I would have trouble getting home at all. 

As I got out of town, I sat in a rest area (France really does have the best rest areas) and ate my bread, ham and cheese. Standing in the icy wind outside the car so as not to fill it with crusty crumbs and sipping a cup of fresh espresso from the café, suddenly the world was a better place. At least until I got back onto the highway, trying to avoid being rammed by mad Germans in their big black cars thundering by regardless of the conditions.
 What a miserable experience. Worse, I've not got the gifts, not checked out the restaurant nor the hotel.  And despite my best efforts, I've got crumbs in the car. I'll get moaned at when they get stuck to a dress if I don't get them out quickly!
Sod this for a game of soldiers. Let's make Valentine's Day a whole lot easier for you, my readers.

 For four days (February 11, 12, 13, 14) you can get - and give - the best Valentine's Day gift - and you don't even have to leave your desk to do it.

 No sitting for hours in traffic, no worrying about fog, no crumbs in the car.
On those days (which, bizarrely, are defined not by GMT but by US Pacific Time i.e. GMT - 7 - really, you'd think that a global business would adopt a global time zone, wouldn't you but Amazon.Com insists on remaining, steadfastly on the US west coast, for administrative purposes) you will be able to get The Kiss for Kindle as a free download.
 Read the Kindle FAQ to find out how to give the e-book as a gift. And how to read Kindle books without a Kindle. 

Of course, you could give paperback copies, if you wish, and get them gift wrapped. It's hard to wrap an electronic file!
So, mark your diaries:  The Kiss. Free for Kindle and Kindle Reader. 11 - 14 February 2011. Come back here on those days to get the link. 
Put it on your favourite person's phone as the ultimate "remember me wherever you are" present. 
Shhhhhh. We won't say it was free!
Or just give it to yourself to remind yourself that, no matter how badly your day is going, there's always hope. 
Au  revoir 

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