Setting up this new website, some years after the old one died at the hands of a server host that screwed up all the websites of my friend’s company and he was so busy sorting that out that his “buddy sites” that he was maintaining as a favour had to lie on one side and, frankly, because I didn’t care enough to do anything about it, and because a lot of the content was lost as the backups disappeared along with pretty much everything else, I didn’t have anything more than a “tombstone” website.

But as the world continues to struggle with the effects of CoVid-19 and the global pandemic that it has wrought – to say nothing of the misery, caused in so many ways, that many are suffering, I have – like you – been trapped at home for weeks at a time.

What better thing to do, I thought, than to see if I can make something work on this internet thingy.

So armed with a sackful of ignorance and a bucketful of dread, I set about it. I asked my friend which platform to use and he said “your old platform was on Drupal 7 and it’s incredibly easy to use. But sadly, it’s going to be killed off soon in favour of versions 8, 9 and 10. I’ve had several attempts to work with 8 but it’s been designed for programmers not content editors. So, even though I don’t like it, we are moving most of our sites to WordPress. I find it unfriendly, controlling and essentially I have to do what it wants, rather than it doing what I want and to extend its functionality can be very costly. The thing I find most annoying is that it has a very restricted set of HTML and ASCII codes that it recognises by default so when you try to type the code for copyright, it puts the code not the copyright sign on the page. If you want that, as you had on the old site, you’ll just have to copy the little sign from somewhere and paste it.

But for what you need, which is basically, a simple text-based website with little shop attached to it, it’ll be fine. I’ll get someone to set up a basic site for you somewhere no one can see and you can play around with it.”

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. Also, I’ve been finding little extracts from the old site around the internet (what people say is not entirely true: some things do go to die but many don’t).

That’s what leads me to this page. If I don’t bollocks it up, every page should sit within group of similar pages. If I get it wrong, they all go into a place designed to hold them so they don’t go missing entirely.

Apparently, so far I’ve been quite good and there’s nothing in this “lost and found” box.

It’s called “misplaced” but it might equally be “unplaced.” But that doesn’t sound quite so poetic.

So I wrote this page with one purpose. To put it into that box so that it’s never quite empty.

© 2021 Jefferson Galt

words by Misplaced content