I’m fed up with being your Plan B
The one who’s the standby guy
The one you’ll see when you’re in crisis
The one you’ll see when there’s no one else around.

You once told me you’d see me when you had time
You’d visit when you’d no one else to see
I joked about being the standby guy
You told me it wasn’t to be.

But it’s how it’s worked out
You cancel our plans without warning
You don’t make time for me
And when I ask when I’ll see you
You list the others you’d rather see.

There’s the guy you met on a plane from London,
The friend from uni
The friend you’ll meet for clubbing
The school friend
The dodgy friend
The old room mate

A meeting, some copying, learning to ride a bike
A raft of acquaintances and then, if I’m lucky,
An SMS telling me you’re too busy to chat.

I’m fed up with being Plan B
Fed up with being the Standby Guy
And yet, whenever I say that I’m leaving
There’s a reason you need me to stay

And no matter how hard I try
I never can walk away.

© Jefferson Galt
All Rights Reserved

words by jeffersongalt.com Songs, Poems and bits of this and that