Drinking games or sweepstakes can enliven a boring evening before the TV.

Here’s some of mine.

The use of clichés in TV programmes, where the same phrases come up over and over again, has reached epidemic proportions with some programmes being little more than strung together expressions from the parts bin of scriptwriting.

It’s formulaic and boring, undermining some good acting and plots. And so I play silly games to lighten the burden.

There are drinking games and sweepstakes, especially in US originated cop shows, for the phrases

“what you got,”

“let’s see what pops” and

“call a bus.”

I am particularly unamused when someone being interviewed is asked where he was at a particular time : they almost always say something and then follow it with “and you can check.”

“What’s this about?”

“I want my lawyer” or “call my lawyer.” In a city like New York where you can’t spit without splashing two dozen lawyers, the police are supposed to know which one to call?

In more general programmes, there’s

“call 9-1-1” and

“you had me at..”

“of course” (what an obsequious expression this has turned into)

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